A little Yoga & Green Tea gift set

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A little Yoga anyone?
If you're trying to make health conscious decisions or just need to do a little stretching and a little relaxation, this is the perfect package for you.
This is great for anyone into bath products and for those who might benefit from yoga, whether beginner or advanced, there are techniques for everyone.

Gift Idea Description:

  • A Little Yoga Book
  • Yoga DVD.
  • 3 Green Tea Pillar Candle.
  • Fingernail Bristle brush.
  • Herbal Tea.
  • Ramie & Sisal Back scrubber.
  • Soothing green tea bath salts.
  • Exfoliating bath mitt.
  • Aromatherapy Drawer Sachet.
  • 8.5 oz double chocolate truffles.
  • Terry bath pillow.
  • Green Tea Foaming bath salts.
  • Plaid gift tin.
  • Item Weight: 5 Kg
  • Shipping Weight: 2 Kg

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