4 Season Duvet

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A good duvet makes all the difference for a great night's sleep. Sleep well all year round with this light yet warm duvet that transitions easily from winter to summer with the addition of a warm flannel sheet for winter (which will help you hold in more heat) or a light cotton sheet for summer. The quality of this duvet has been considered hard and long to give you the best comfort possible. Light yet warm, and strategically partitioned so as to keep the body of the duvet from becoming uneven, you'll never regret an investment in sleeping better for the rest of your life!

Gift Idea Description:

  • medium heat duvet
  • 241 cm x 279 cm
  • 700 + fillpower
  • 10 cm thick
  • 875 g filling
  • 1004 g total weight
  • Timeless pure white

Sold by Laduvet Nordique

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