Anchorboy – Jay Onrait

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What good Canadian boy doesn't dream of one day sitting behing the Sports Centre desk? Here we get an inside look on what life is really like!This book allows readers to look back on some of the more memorable moments in Jay's career, with tons of funny anecdotes and stories - a great gift for sports fans!

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TOP TEN THINGS YOU’LL LEARN WHEN YOU READ THIS BOOK:10) Jay was beaten up by an MMA fighter on live television9) Interviewing Will Ferrell can be a harrowing experience8) Jay once ruined a perfectly good pair of underwear on Christmas Eve7) Failing as a stand-up comedian can lead to a job in broadcasting6) Jay ran a marathon to get a ticket for the 2010 men's Olympic gold-medal hockey game5) Jay was sexually harassed at TSN by a senior citizen every day for ten years4) Jay appeared as the Phantom of the Opera on national television3) Jay was entertained nightly by free live sex shows throughout university2) Jay was single-handedly responsible for Winnipeg's second NHL team being called "The Jets" (he claims)1) Running around in a full-body unitard at the London Olympics is a bad idea

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