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Receive the exclusive India box and then a new destination every two months!! The Food Trip To subscription program is easy to manage and can be cancelled anytime. There's no better way to travel between trips than to let your senses spend an evening by the glorious Taj Mahal, the landscapes of Kerala, the waters of the Ganges, and so much more!

Gift Idea Description:

In this special box, you’ll find everything you need to spend a few hours rich in culture and flavour:
- 8 products and 3 recipes for an authentic Indian meal, cocktail included
A typical Bollywood playlist
Cultural information, presented in an entertaining way
- A small surprise to upscale the ambiance 

  • All you have to do is pick up the few fresh ingredients… and stop by the SAQ!
  • NOTE: Vegetarian or nut-free versions of the recipes are also provided.
  • Recipes serve 6 people.
  • Depending on the products included in your box, you will be able to make a recipe one or more times.
  • Average expiry date of products: one year from February 2017.
  • IMPORTANT: You can cancel at any time through a simple email.

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