Travel for Food? Now Use Food to Travel!

By Genny • The 11 October 2017 • Already 2 comments

We’ve got a new partner and we can’t wait to share them with you! Based out of Quebec, Food Trip To… is all about the experience of great food and good company. You supply the family and friends, they supply the food!

The concept is really simple. First, you order a box online or sign up for a subscription, then a box arrives packed full of a new destination straight to your door. You cook together, immerse yourselves in a full cultural experience of somewhere new, and eat!

Each Food Trip To… box contains everything you need to have a party and a feast! You’ll find 6 products and 4 recipes in every trip through food, enough to feed 6! Each box also includes facts about the cultural destination you’ve chosen, a playlist of local music to fill your house with somewhere new, and a small surprise the team brought back from their trip to bring you the most authentic evening possible.

It’s inexpensive, immersive, and with the new subscription offer easy to visit a new food destination in your own living room every two months. Order and eat! And next time, invite us along 😛

Why not try a Food Trip To Japan to get you started?

Or Colombia?

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Already 2 comments

GiftIdeasCanada 2017-05-4 - 6:42 PM

Hey Tony,

Sure! You can submit the product and its press release this way:

Thanks in advance

Tony D'Archi 2017-05-4 - 3:57 PM

Hi Genny,

Could you let me know if I can send you a press release for a product I am pitching to media?



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