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Set off on your very own Tour de France! If you’ve always wanted to cycle along the back roads of France, the Ulysses Cycling in France guide will make your dream a reality. France is renowned as one of the world’s choice cycling destinations. It offers small, quiet roads, hospitable, pretty villages, a wide range of accommodations, major historic sites, diverse scenery and, of course, legendary cuisine and wines!

This guidebook is an invitation to explore France’s deep-rooted charms. Each suggested tour starts off in a major city before leading you through the country’s back roads, where you can take the time to observe nature around you, to breathe in the heady scent of the countryside and to savour the local specialties you’ll find along the way. In addition to suggested tours of France’s various regions, including Provence, Périgord, Quercy, Burgundy, the Loire Valley, Alsace, Camargue, Brittany and Normandy, biking enthusiasts will also enjoy the Ulysses Cycling in France guide’s practical information on preparing their journey and its listings of the services that are available to cyclists along the way.

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