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Discover the new Food Trip To… Montreal! Thet recently returned from the country after completing a humanitarian mission, in partnership with OXFAM-Québec, to help empower women of the country working in the street food industry! In this unique special-issue box created for Montreal’s 375th, you will find 7 classic Quebec ingredients, a magazine containing 3 recipes to prepare an authentic Montreal feast, access to a musical playlist, lots of cultural information to discover this city and an exclusive gift that will arouse envy.

Gift Idea Description:

  • Just like for our other boxes, our selection of classic ingredients will add authentic flavours to the recipes. All you have to do is pick up the few fresh ingredients required.
  • Vegetarian and nut-free versions of the recipes are also provided.
  • Recipes serve 6 people. Depending on the products included in your box, you will be able to make a recipe one or more times.
  • Average expiry date of products: one year from November 2017

*They ship all across Canada!

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