Frozen Planet: The Complete Series

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Narrated as usual by David Attenborough, of the BBC, these seven episodes take us to the Arctic and Antarctica, the two most remote and least hospitable areas on the planet.

Where despite environments where temperatures reach minus 70 degrees Celsius and the sun doesn't shine for half the year, life flourishes.

This is another amazing work from the BBC and David Attenborough is brilliant as always - a great education for you and the kids, with beautiful images and camerawork.

Gift Idea Description:

  • Frozen Planet - a seven part documentary on Arctic and Antarctica
  • Episodes:
  1. "To the Ends of the Earth"
  2.  "Spring"
  3.  "Summer"
  4.  "Autumn"
  5.  "Winter"
  6.  "The Last Frontier"
  7.  "On Thin Ice" (David Attenborough's view on climate change in the Arctic and Antarctic.)

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