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Experience the real joie de vivre of Montreal with the Ulysses guide to the city's creative side. Comprising ten distinct walking tours which lead you through top galleries, concert halls, and artistic attractions of all kinds, this guide is a must buy for anyone planning to visit, or revisit, Quebec's largest city. Whether your interests lie in the visual, auditory, or sensory arts, this guide has you covered. Visit the best restaurants and cafes the city has to offer. Contemplate public arts projects, impressive murals, and graffiti that will take your breath away and keep you thinking. Full of hidden gems and unexpected detours. Start planning your nest trip today!

Gift Idea Description:

  • beautiful colour photos to accompany, and then remind you, of the places you've been
  • covers best known and little known attractions
  • digital, visual, performing arts, music and design attractions
  • information on some of the city's most important and beloved artists 

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