Hockey Legend – Orr: My Story

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One of the greatest sports figures of all time at last breaks his silence in a memoir as unique as the man himself.

From 1966 through the mid-70s he could change a game just by stepping on the ice.

Bobby Orr’s life goes far deeper than Stanley Cup rings, trophies and recognitions. His story is not only about the game, but also the age in which it was played. It’s the story of a small-town kid who came to define its highs and lows, and inevitably it is a story of the lessons he learned along the way.

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  • Bobby Orr, born in Parry Sound, Ontario, in 1948
  • played for the Boston Bruins from 1966 through 1976
  • Regarded as one of the greatest hockey players
  • A true Canadian Legend finally gives his true story, in his own words

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