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My Vacation Journal is a delightful travel journal designed for children aged 6 to 11. In full colour and totally interactive, it aims to entertain as well as educate young travellers. Using general themes related to travel and vacations, the journal invites children to relate their vacation experience through drawings, collages, games and other activities.

For the first time, children get to document their travel experience, just like their parents! The journal's lively presentation stimulates children's creativity. Blank pages for scrapbooking or drawing alternate with lined pages for writing notes and grid pages for drawing or tracing maps. Illustrations and amusing sidebars provide a colourful setting for children to add their own notes and artwork to.

Boys and girls alike will love collecting their memories in their very own vacation scrapbook, and they're sure to get a kick out of reading them again a few years later with a more mature eye. A unique souvenir that they'll cherish for years to come!

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  • 64 pages

Sold by Ulysse

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