Nordic Duvet

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A good duvet makes all the difference for a great night's sleep. A quilting sewn into closed partitions prevents the down to end up at the bottom of the duvet after only a few nights. The 15 “wide squares allow the down to store a maximum of air for excellent cold insulation. The duvet is oversize to elegantly cover the sides of the mattress.

Its impressive volume will make your friends jealous! You will be surprised to see how light this duvet feather bedding is while bringing great warmth. No compromises to make.

You'll never regret an investment in sleeping better for the rest of your life!

Gift Idea Description:

  • Duvet type : Warm duvet
  • Length 95 ’ ’ / 241 cm
  • Width 95 ’ ’ / 241 cm
  • Fillpower 700 +
  • Thickness 5 ’ ’ / 13 cm
  • Filling 31 oz / 875 g
  • Color Timeless pure white

Sold by Laduvet Nordique

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