On the Road: The Original Scroll

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This is the uncut version of an American classic—rougher, wilder, and more provocative than the official work that appeared, heavily edited, in 1957.

In 3 weeks in April of 1951, Jack Kerouac wrote his first full draft of On the Road—typed as a single-spaced paragraph on eight long sheets of tracing paper, which he later taped together to form a 120-foot scroll.

Capturing a moment in creative history, represents the first full expression of Kerouac’s revolutionary aesthetic. A classic and a great thought provoking read, a great gift for any college student or inquisitive mind.

Gift Idea Description:

  • The most famous of Jack Kerouac's works
  • One of the most important novels of the century
  • Autobiographical novel - with real names being used, instead of character names like in the 1957 version
  • The death of Kerouac's father plays a larger role in the story than in the 1957 version
  • A classic, and must read for any student or literary mind

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