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The SmartHalo device is a minimalist smartphone-connected device that attaches itself to a pedal bike. It can protect a bicycle (alarm + lock) & inform a bicycle rider of many relevant information, such as GPS directions & phone call coming in. It also comes with a great app for Android and Apple that monitors your bike & more!

With this neat little tool, you add modern functionality to your pedal bike through the use of one's smartphone. SmartHalo eliminates phone distractions by showing them to you on a simple & central display.

Gift Idea Description:

Navigation system: The LED lights guide you through your journey and indicate where to turn.

Bike light (security): When the sun set the SmartHalo light. When you stop biking, the light will stop automatically after a while.

Alarm (lock): The SmartHalo has also an anti-theft system. An alarm will start ringing if someone tries to steal the bike.

Activity tracker: The SmartHalo can track your bike activity, and you can set goals on the app.

Assistant: Don't ever miss an important call on your bike. You'll get the notifications on the SmartHalo.

The SmartHalo includes :

  • 1 HaloBase
  • 1 HaloKey
Handlebar compatibility: 22.2, 25.4, and 31.8 mm diameters
Interface: 25 high intensity RGB LEDs
Sensors: 3-axis accelerometer and magnetometer
Wireless connectivity: Bluetooth Smart and ANT+
Battery: 2,000 mAh, up to 3 weeks of use
Dimensions: 79 mm high with clips, 96.5 mm wide, 66.5 mm depth and 195 grams

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