Super Quality USB Microphone!

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More and more people work from home, make youtube video's, do gaming commentary, make music and use skype - this would be a great gift for that person!

You can create studio-quality recordings with Blue Microphone's Snowball, a USB microphone with exceptional sound-capture capabilities. With three different pattern modes for versatile recording, a plug-and-play design that is both Mac and PC compatible and produces crisp, clean recordings that are free of feedback and distortion.

Gift Idea Description:

  • Uniquely designed plug-and-play USB mic connects to either a Mac or PC
  • Dual capsule design and unique three-pattern switch can handle everything from soft vocals to loud garage band
  • Switchable mic patterns for a variety of recording applications, including podcasts
  • Swivel mount located on the bottom center of the mic body
  • No additional software required

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