The Surf Cafe Cookbook

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The Surf Café Cookbook is the first book by Jane and Myles Lamberth, proprietors of Shells Café in Strandhill on the west coast of Ireland.

They spent summers working in restaurants by the sea in Cornwall so they could go surfing, and winters running chalets in ski resorts in the Alps. But they needed to put some roots down so they opened their own place 2010.

It’s contemporary Irish cooking with a soupçon of salty air.

And it's more than just a cookbook, it also includes all sorts of useful tips ranging from how to gut a fish to making crafty home accessories for special occasions. This is coastal living at it’s best!

Gift Idea Description:

  • More than just a cookbook, with personal stories from the authors, and setting up a new business
  •  Focuses on locally-produced food that’s unpretentious and tasty
  • Food for sharing with friends and family, around the kitchen table or on a beach blanket thrown on the sand

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