One Thousand Mustaches

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The 'stache is back! After decades of being much maligned in Western culture, the mustache is enjoying a cultural renaissance, thanks to the annual phenomenon of Movember (the international campaign in which men grow facial hair during the month of November to raise funds for prostate cancer research; in 2011, 1.8 million men in fourteen countries participated)

One Thousand Mustaches is both a lighthearted cultural history and an earnest style manual - a great gift for any Mustachioed man !

Gift Idea Description:

  • Perfect "Movevember" gift, encouraging men to grow a stache in aid of Prostate cancer
  • Lighthearted cultural history and an earnest style manual
  • 160 pages
  • Releases in Sept 2012 with amazing reviews


  • Author : Allan Peterkin
  • Publisher : Arsenal Pulp Press
  • ISBN 13 : 978-1551524740

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