The Thug Kitchen Cookbook

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Thug Kitchen started their wildly popular web site to inspire people to eat some Goddamn vegetables and adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Named Saveur's Best New Food Blog of 2013 — with half a million Facebook fans and counting — Thug Kitchen wants to show everyone how to take charge of their plates and cook up some real f*cking food!


Gift Idea Description:

  • More than 100 recipes for their best-loved meals, snacks, and sides for beginning cooks to home chefs
  • First book from famed Thug Kitchen blog
  • Info and techniques you need to shop on a budget
  • Will help you kick the overly processed, nutritionally-vacant fast food habit and move into cooking fast, healthy food
  • Recipes like : The Bean and Beer Chilli, Asparagus Risotto, Chickpea Sandwich Spread, Spinach and Mushroom Lasagna with Tofu Ricotta, Green Lentil Walnut Loaf with Apple Glaze
  • Yum!

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